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Northwestern Theological Seminary – Our Online Seminary Education

Education has come a long way from the traditional brick and mortar establishment. The internet has revolutionized the way many are obtaining their education by bringing the classrooms to any place where an internet connection exists, providing a convenient and time efficient way to complete a desired degree program.

Northwestern Theological Seminary has built a solid structured online educational system in order to offer this sought after method of learning. By providing 100% online degree programs towards a Bachelor, Master, and/or Doctorate Degree, or a combination of a multiple program, student are now able to complete their programs in majors such as Biblical Studies, Theology, Christian Counseling, Divinity, Ministry, and more…

Back 33 years ago, when our Christian Educational Programs were first being offered, in Detroit, Michigan, the idea of providing our degree programs through a cyber-space method was unforeseeable. The ability, primarily the technology, was just not available. Today, Northwestern Theological Seminary has students working on all levels of undergraduate and graduate programs from locations around the world, becoming one of the top online seminaries available online today. With no time-frames, schedules, or travels necessary, our students, both in the United States and internationally, are able to study from any place where an internet connection is available.

When you combine the convenience of a 100% online study structure with time-efficient convenient programs, these benefits alone would cause many to see the advantages of our online programs. However, Northwestern Theological Seminary has developed their systems in a way that not only provides the above mentioned benefits, but also greatly reduces many of the overhead costs found in most traditional schools, in order to be able to provide our programs at a fraction of the cost, with over 98% savings in tuition costs when compared with most traditional schools. We accomplished these savings by greatly reducing the costs of our classes and eliminating added expenses to the students such as application fees, books (we provide the course books at no cost to the students), technical fees, student dues, etc.

So, why consider an online education with Northwestern Theological Seminary?

You choose when and where to study, in a self-paced program designed to bring you to a better understanding of the Word of God. Our approach allow us to offer cost-efficient programs at an affordable rate with options of payments, including a simple no-interest monthly payment plan to get started. In addition, we provide our programs on a recognized educational platform, utilizing one of the world’s leading Course Management System (CMS), the Moodle. This system is used by major well known colleges and universities around the world, such as the University of California at Los Angeles (UCLA), Glasgow University, the University of Canterbury, and many others.

So, see for yourself. Read what students have said about Northwestern Theological Seminary, by going to our web address below and clicking on ‘Student Testimonials’. Afterwards, seek God’s guidance regarding your decision to enroll with Northwestern. If God leads you to enroll, it will be a decision filled with many blessings, and one which you can be assured would lead you to the fulfillment of your desired degree.

Is an online seminary education for everyone?

Of course not! However, you will never know if Northwestern Theological Seminary is for you, unless you find out for yourself all that the school has to offer. So, go ahead! Click on the link below! We look forward to assisting you in your decision and possibly welcoming you in the very near future as a student of Northwestern Theological Seminary!

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